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Fluid Mask

Check out the available Photoshop plug-ins and filters that can be downloaded and added to Photoshop to enhance its performance.

The most recent Photoshop tutorials are shown first.

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Upscale Images
Normally enlarging the size of an image means losing image quality. Learn how to quickly enlarge or upscale your digital photos for print with almost no visible quality loss.
Using Layer Comps
Layer comps are a convenient way to store a snapshot of multiple variations of your document. Learn how to use this powerful tool to your advantage.
Text On A Path
Learn how to create text on a path in Adobe Photoshop CS or later.
Multimedia Business Logo
Learn how to create a glossy and professional logo for a multimedia business website.
Speech Bubble Header
Create a clean web 2.0 style header containing a speech bubble for your website.
Real Estate Web Design
Create a clean and contemporary website design for a real estate related website.
Windows Media Player Icon
Learn how to create the trademark Windows Media Player icon.
Gradient Text
Learn how to create shiny gradient text that can be used in almost any area of web or graphic design.
The Simplicity of One Mask
An introduction to the basic concept of applying a mask, performing a test render and creating a cut out in Fluid Mask, a Photoshop plug-in.
An Introduction to Masks and Brushes
In this tutorial you'll be introduced to the three mask types in Fluid Mask, a Photoshop plugin, and the tools used to apply them.
Milky Twirl
Learn how to use create a milky twirl using special effect filters.
Postage Stamp
Learn how to use a brush pattern in order to create a realistic postage stamp.
Clean Business Header
Clean and elegant business header suitable for any professional site.
Professional Navigation Buttons
Create gradient navigational buttons with individual link shapes.
Realistic iPod
Learn how to create an amazingly realistic fourth-generation iPod.
Studio Reflection
Learn how to turn ordinary images into professional studio shots with simple reflections.
Zoomed Pixel Blocks
Learn how to create a mini-squared gradient pixel pattern.

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Guest Photoshop Tutorials

Rayburst Light Text Effect  by Jilson Thomas
Learn how to add a colorful rayburst light effect to text in Photoshop.
Rain Drops  by Jilson Thomas
Learn how to add artificial rain drops to images in Photoshop.
3D Text  by Zak
Learn how to make very simple 3D text.
Color Restoration  by Danesis
Restore color to a black and white image with 3 easy steps.

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