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Fluid Mask

Check out the available Photoshop plug-ins and filters that can be downloaded and added to Photoshop to enhance its performance.

The most recent Photoshop tutorials are shown first.

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Rounded Edges
Learn how to make the edges of images rounded.
Pixel Text
Add depth to your text using a mosaic pixel effect.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Learn to get acquainted with Photoshop's fast shortcuts.
Water Texture
Learn how to create a water-like texture.
Layout Slicing
Learn how to slice a layout made in Photoshop.
Professional Web Host Layout
Learn how to create a professional layout for a web host.
Learn how to create barcode labels.
1px Bevel
Create a 1px razed (bevel) border around an object.
Learn to create thin lines on photographs as if it were on TV.
Image Blending
Learn how to blend two images together.
Learn how to trendy crystals.
Blurred Edges
Make images look like they belong on your page with blurred edges.
Controlled Recoloring
Change the color of objects in photographs.
Energy Blast
Learn how to make a neat looking "blasted" effect.

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