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Fluid Mask

Check out the available Photoshop plug-ins and filters that can be downloaded and added to Photoshop to enhance its performance.

The most recent Photoshop tutorials are shown first.

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Plasmic Fire
Create a smoldering plasmic fire.
Rollover Buttons
Learn how to create popular button rollovers using Image Ready.
Use Image Ready's animation features to create an image slideshow.
Create marbles that work well in interfaces.
3D Cubes
Learn how to make stunning 3D cubes.
Glass Orbs
Create metallic glass orbs commonly used as link buttons.
Background Removal
Remove the background from an image using the extract tool.
Halftone Clouds
Learn how to use the halftone pattern filter to make a cool effect.
Pixel Stretch
Learn how to stretch an image.
Learn how to use lens flare and twist filter to make a hurricane.
Create a shadow reflection for text.
Learn how to carve a shape into a textured surface.
Micro Buttons
Design your own micro buttons to use as form submit and reset buttons.
Masking the Focus
Protect a central part of an image from a change.
Smooth Edges
Learn how to make smooth interface edges.
Learn how to create trendy tentacles.

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