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Fluid Mask

Check out the available Photoshop plug-ins and filters that can be downloaded and added to Photoshop to enhance its performance.

The most recent Photoshop tutorials are shown first.

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Liquid Abstract
Learn how to create a random liquid abstract.
File Info & Notes
Embed file information and notes in PSD files for yourself or collegaues.
Object Focus
Learn how to draw a viewer to the central part of an ad or image.
Web Photo Gallery
Learn how to use Photoshop's automated Photo Gallery tool to create your own web photo gallery.
Glass Button
Create a trendy glass button with Photoshop CS's feathers on it.
Slice Based Rollovers in Image Ready CS
Learn how to make slice based rollovers in ImageReady CS.
Gold Text
Learn how to transform ordinary text into precious gold.
Simple Vectors
Easily create vectors in just one step.
Clean Web Design Interface
Learn how to create a simplisitc but effective contemporary design.
Use the lens flare filter to create an abstract special effect.
Black Marble
Learn how to create a realistic glossy black marble surface.
Outline Text
Learn how to disable a text layer's style leaving its outline.
Image Maps with Drawing Tools
Use Image Ready to automatically create image maps using many drawing tools to select complex shapes.
Photoshop Interface
An overview of the toolbox, palettes, the option bar, and tool presets in Photoshop's Interface.
Complete Layout
Create a complete and detailed layout in Photoshop without using mass amounts of blending options.
Content Box
Learn how to create trendy XP styled content boxes.

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