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Be aware that some of these will require a MySQL database.

Achim's Guestbook v2.52
Description: nice guestbook, easy to install Preview
Download Download

Advanced Poll v2.02
Description: polling system with alot of features
Download Download

Continuous Story
Description: lets visitors start and add-on to a story continously
Download Download

Cute News v1.3.6
Description: powerful and easy news management system with a ton of features, I have used this before. (*No database required*)
Download Download

Invision Board v1.3
Description: the best free feature rich forum; I use this
Download Download

Fusion 3.3
Description: news posting script
Download Download

Fusion Count 1.0
Description: click counter
Download Download

Fusion Mail 1.0
Description: formmail script
Download Download

JMK Advertisement Rotator
Description: one of the best image rotators available
Download Download

Description: another news script
Download Download

Description: The best ad management system available. Advertisers can log in and view their banner's statistics.
Download Download

PHP BB v2.0.11
Description: one of the most popular forum software scripts
Download Download

PHP Click Count
Description: another click counter
Download Download

PHP Hits v1.1 Beta
Description: text/image counter with nice stats
Download Download

PHPList v2.9.3
Description: newsletter application with a large amount of features using only a web interface
Download Download

PHP Random Banner
Description: banner rotator
Download Download

PHP Rank
Description: topsites, I've never used this before
Download Download

PHP Recommend Me v1.1
Description: allow a visitor to your website to fill in a form and recommend your website to their friends
Download Download

PHPSysInfo v2.1
Description: find out the specifications of the server you are on, the current memory usage, and more
Download Download

RandomRotator v1.0
Description: powerful script that rotates text, links, or images.
Download Download

Shoutbox version 2.31
Description: nice tagboard with smiles
Download Download

Sympoll 1.0
Description: excellent poll script
Download Download

Tagger 2
Description: tagboard with smiles/emotions
Download Download

Description: very nice tagboard I have used before
Download Download



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