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1st Page 2000
Description: excellent html editor, I use this sometimes instead of Dreamweaver
Download Download

3DNA Desktop
Description: makes your desktop look 3d, Click Here for a preview
Download Download

Description: ftp program
Download Download

Ad-aware SE Personal Edition
Description: Excellent program that removes spyware from your computer (*A Must Have*)
Download Download

Advanced System Optimizer 1.1.7
Description: The complete system maintance utility. This program defrags your hard drive fast, cleans your cache, removes all the unwanted traces in your system, creates backups of files, and much more.
Download Download

Aim clone
Description: add-on for AIM that allows you to be logged in with two screen names at once
Download Download

Aim transfer
Description: speeds up the transfer rate for sending files in AIM
Download Download

Description: Desktop manager and Shell replacement, Click Here for a preview.
Download Download

Atomic Clock Sync
Description: keep your local computer up-to-date with the exact current time
Download Download

Capture Pad
Description: video capture utility which allows you to capture any screen activity into standard AVI, JPG, or SWF file
Download Download

Cute FTP Pro
Description: good ftp program
Download Download

Description: notepad with more features
Download Download

Everest Home Edition
Description: professional system information, diagnostics and benchmarking program. (Very useful to find out anything you'd like to know about your computer.)
Download Download

Folder Lock
Description: protects and encrypts files easily
Download Download

FreeRAM XP Pro
Description: free up ram on demand, use this when your computer seems slow instead of restarting
Download Download

LimeWire 4.2
Description: world's fastest P2P file-sharing application (similar to Kazaa)
Download Download

Mozilla Firefox
Description: next generation browser introducing tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, and better security than Internet Explorer.
Download Download

Master Splitter
Description: split files into many pieces and then put them back together, usefull when moving large files to another computer
Download Download

Network Cable e ADSL Speed v2003 Pro
Description: tweak your modem for faster speeds
Download Download

System Mechanic v3.6
Description: Keeps your computer in top shape, while removing useless files from your computer
Download Download

Tweak Master
Description: internet optimization utility
Download Download

Description: awesome messenger that combines AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, mIRC, and MSN
Download Download

Description: provides detailed information about your computer (processor, brand, chipset, frequency, multiplier, etc.)
Download Download

Win Rar
Description: archeive manager that opens .rar files
Download Download

Win Zip
Description: archeive manager like win rar, but opens .zip files, more commonly used then win rar
Download Download

Description: best ftp program available (in my opinion)
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