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404 Manager
Description: helps you create your own error pages that match your site

Access Denied
Description: password protection manager
Download Download

advancedfreeforall 2.0
Description: enables you to run your own free-for-all links
Download Download

Affiliate Master
Description: manage affiliates and keep stats for them
Download Download

all manage upload
Description: lets others upload files to your server
Download Download

Anti-Leech v5
Description: anti-leech script, I don't like this one that much, because this and firewalls don't work together (It claims you are leeching from another site when really you aren't.)
Download Download

Counter Service
Description: start your own counter service
Download Download

CGI Counter v2
Description: basic counter
Download Download

CGI Helper
Description: shows information related to cgi, ex. Paths to Perl and Sendmail on your server
Download Download

Download Counter
Description: counts how many times a file is downloaded
Download Download

Description: news posting/journal script, its a pain to setup unless you really know what you are doing
Download Download

HomeFree v3.24
Description: let others sign up for hosting on your site
Download Download

Description: excellent cgi guestbook
Download Download

newspro 3.8
Description: another news posting script
Download Download

newspro addons
Description: add-ons for newspro
Download Download

Redirect Pro
Description: lets you run your own redirection service on your server
Download Download

Tag Pro better
Description: tagboard
Download Download

Description: news ticker
Download Download

Top Referer
Description: displays the top referrers to your site
Download Download

Top Sites Professional v3.05
Description: topsite script, very easy to use
Download Download



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