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Tutorials > .htaccess

Learn the basics of .htaccess files and how to use them.
Error Pages
Create custom error pages.
Stop Spam
Help stop spam e-mail by blocking e-mail 'bots' from getting your e-mail off of your site.
IP Banning
Ban a visitor from visiting your site by banning their IP address.
Password Protection
Securely protect folders on your website by requiring a valid username and password.
Prevent Directory Listing
Prevent your server from displaying the entire contents of a directory or folder.
Hotlink Protection
Prevent other sites from linking to images on your site.
Automatically redirect visitors to a page's new location.
Change Default Directory Page
Change a directory's default directory page to a page you specify.
301 Redirection
Use a 301 redirect to tell search engines and humans where to find a new page.

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