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Watch Us Roam Virtual Deep Seas With Real Oceanographers
WIRED will be playing Subnautica: Below Zero and talking about ocean—and space—exploration with scientists from NOAA and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

The Yankees Covid Outbreak May Be Bad News for Ditching Masks
The spate of cases is a bad bounce—and it might show that lifting mask mandates for the vaxxed won’t be a grand slam.

Decades-Old 'Frag Attack' Flaws Affect Almost Every Wi-Fi Device
The so-called Frag Attack vulnerabilities could let hackers steal data or compromise connected gadgets.

GameStop FOMO Inspires a New Wave of Crypto Pump-and-Dumps
Thousands of would-be investors are joining Discord groups that promise big earnings by manipulating the crypto market.

When a Pipeline Goes Down, Tanker Trucks Come to the Rescue
But driving millions of gallons of gas around the country is trickier than you might think.

The Chip Shortage Is Driving Up Tech Prices—Starting With TVs
Some high-end televisions already cost 30 percent more than they did last summer. As the crunch continues, expect more gadget prices to spike.

AI Shows ExxonMobil Downplayed Its Role in Climate Change
According to a new paper, the company’s own research showed that human activity was a contributor, but public statements suggested otherwise.

The 16 Best Gifts for the Recent College Grad
This year’s students have been through a lot. Ring in their special milestone with useful gadgets, outdoor gear, subscriptions, and more.

Gaming Influencers Are the Future of Esports
Top players have left pro leagues to pursue streaming full-time as the industry veers more toward content creators.

Apple’s AirTags Are a Gift to Stalkers
The tiny new tracking devices can be easily hidden in the cars and bags of victims. And exploiting them is dead simple.

Resident Evil Village Is Too Self-Conscious to Enjoy Itself
The eternal conflict: Play horror straight, or play it up for campy laughs? Village tries to have it both ways, with mixed results.

Firefly Tourism Can Put Insects in Peril
A new study shines light on how bug spray, flashlights, and foot traffic can spell disaster for the fragile creatures behind brilliant synchronous displays.

Does a Robot Get to Be the Boss of Me?
WIRED’s spiritual advice columnist on policing, degrees of freedom, and dancing in the streets.

It’s True. Everyone Is Multitasking in Video Meetings
A Microsoft study finds just how often remote workers multitask during videoconferences—especially when the group is large and the meeting runs long.

The Best Personal Safety Devices, Apps, and Alarms
Your smartphone or wearable could help you out in a truly dangerous situation. Here are some options to consider.

The 60-Year-Old Scientific Screwup That Helped Covid Kill
All pandemic long, scientists brawled over how the virus spreads. Droplets! No, aerosols! At the heart of the fight was a teensy error with huge consequences.

Asus's New Zenfone 8 Is Powerful and Small. That's About It
This pocket-friendly Android phone has a speedy processor and an excellent screen. It's also really boring.

The PS5 Is Starting to Look Like the Revolution It Promised
What’s happening with Sony’s latest console, now that it’s been out for six months? Supply issues aside, it’s proving to be much more than a simple evolution.

Humans Need to Create Interspecies Money to Save the Planet
A new form of digital currency for animals, trees, and other wildlife (no, not like Dogecoin) would help protect biodiversity and bend technology back to nature.

Adidas and Allbirds Team Up to Make Sustainable Running Shoes
The high-performance Futurecraft.Footprint shows the key to a lower carbon impact might lie in collaboration, not competition.

Help! A Male Colleague Thinks I’m Scary
Whose problem is it when men are intimidated by women at work?

Watch a Snake Robot Go for a Swim
The Hardened Underwater Modular Robot Snake has thrusters for muscles and a camera for a face. Your move, evolution.

DeepMind Wants to Use AI to Transform Soccer
The Alphabet-owned company is working with Liverpool to bring computer vision and statistical learning to the high-stakes world of sports.

Creators Who Joined Twitch in the Pandemic Plan to Stay
When lockdowns hit, entertainers turned to the platform to connect with fans. Now, even as many places reopen, many have no plans to leave.

The Case for Letting People Work From Home Forever
Do you want happier, productive, more engaged, and more fulfilled employees and coworkers? Well, you should campaign to let them work remotely. Here's why.

Biden Makes a Deal With Uber and Lyft in the Name of Vaccines
Despite his unease with the ride-hail business model, the president needs help getting more Americans to vaccination sites to meet his July 4 deadline.

How Amazon Sidewalk Works—and Why You May Want to Turn It Off
The premise is convenient. But the ecommerce giant’s record on privacy isn't exactly inspiring.

Vaccinating US Kids Isn’t Neglect of Indian Adults
The debate over whether it’s ethical to inoculate American children while the pandemic rages elsewhere is unproductive and harmful.

Rumble Sends Viewers Tumbling Toward Misinformation
Research shows the emergent video platform can recommend conspiracy theories and other harmful content more often than not.

Awesome, Hypnotic Photos of Swirling, Crystal Chemistry
A new book goes micro to show the wonderful world of close-up chemical reactions.

How a Geeky Superhero Fan Revived a Failing Comic Con
And how he used that great knowledge to help nudge Marvel back from bankruptcy.

Why Is It So Hard to Be Evil in Video Games?
Sometimes there are too many choices. Most of the time, “good versus evil” isn’t very clear-cut.

A Top New York Restaurant Is Going Vegan. It Could Backfire
Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park will only serve plant-based dishes—but here's how keeping a little bit of meat on the menu could set a better example.

This Is Your Brain Under Anesthesia
For the first time, researchers were able to observe, in extra-fine detail, how neurons behave as consciousness shuts down.

How to Take a Slick, Professional Headshot With Your Phone
Snapping that perfect self-portrait on your phone is a skill. Here’s how to do it, according to the experts.

The Cicadas Are Coming. Let’s Eat Them!
Why not embrace Brood X as the free-range, sustainable source of protein that it truly is?

Get Your Hands on Some of Our Favorite Sex Toys
May is National Masturbation Month, and sales from two of our favorite brands will help you perfect your self-love.

The Secret Origins of Amazon’s Alexa
In 2011, Jeff Bezos dreamt up a talking device. But making the virtual assistant sound intelligent proved far more difficult than anyone could have imagined.

DarkSide Hit Colonial Pipeline—and Created an Unholy Mess
As the White House gets involved in the response, the group behind the malware is scrambling.

US Teens Can Get Their Covid Shot. What’s Next for Schools?
Kids as young as 12 are now authorized for Pfizer’s vaccine. That could make it easier for campuses to reopen this fall—but it introduces a whole new set of decisions.

Apple Execs Chose to Keep a Hack of 128 Million iPhones Quiet
Emails from the Epic Games lawsuit show Apple brass discussing how to handle a 2015 iOS hack. The company never directly notified affected users.

4 Rugged French Presses for Your Coffee-Fueled Summer Escape
Whether you're home or camping, these glass-free French presses brew with style.

Black and Queer AI Groups Say They'll Spurn Google Funding
The move is the latest fallout following the departures of the heads of the company's ethical AI research team and a recruiter.

Everything You Need to Know About the Coronavirus
Here's all the WIRED coverage in one place, from how to keep your children entertained to how this outbreak is affecting the economy.

Ann Takamaki From Persona 5 Was Exactly Who I Needed to See
My community wasn’t always accepting of my mixed Asian heritage. Turns out, neither was Ann’s.

2 Baseballs Collided at an MLB Game. How Did That Happen?
During a pregame warmup, Phillies right fielder Bryce Harper batted a line drive right into a ball zooming in from the outfield. It's not impossible, but it's a long shot.

One Thing Covid Didn’t Smash to Pieces? Monster Movies
If you liked Godzilla vs. Kong, there’s more—and better—where that stupid, mindless clobberfest came from.

The Pentagon Inches Toward Letting AI Control Weapons
Drills involving swarms of drones raise questions about whether machines could outperform a human operator in complex scenarios.

Faulty Weather Forecasts Are a Climate Crisis Disaster
Predicting the output of solar panels is tricky—but getting it right could slash carbon emissions.

The Best Chef’s Knives to Sharpen Your Home Cooking Skills
It's the indispensable multi-tool of the kitchen. We sliced and diced our way through meats and veggies to find today's best blades.



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