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5. Back on the original image, create a new layer and go to Edit > Fill and select the pattern that was just created, then click OK.

Zoomed Pixel Blocks

6. Next select Layer 2 then press Ctrl+click on this layer. Then turn off this layer and select Layer 1. Finally, press the Delete key.

Zoomed Pixel Blocks

7. Next add the following blending options: Gradient Overlay & Bevel and Emboss.

Zoomed Pixel Blocks Zoomed Pixel Blocks


8. The image can be left as is, but it can be improved while altering the color of the image. To do this, select Layer 1 then go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and select a color. Don't forget to check the colorize box before hand. Then select the Background layer and apply the exact same Hue/Saturation settings. Different variations are shown below.

Zoomed Pixel Blocks    Zoomed Pixel Blocks

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