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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get stats to display on your page?
I use a script called phphits from You can download it in the php downloads section.

Will you affiliate or exchange links with me?
I receive many requests each day, and I can't accept them all. Therefore I have to chose wisely who I accept. When reviewing an application, I look for: a quality well organizied design, site traffic, personal appeal, and the amount and quality of the content; the more, the better. I frequently visit my affiliates to make sure my site is properly linked and displayed in a place where visitors will see it. If I can't find a proper link, you can guarantee I will remove your link on my site.

Can I republish your tutorials on my site?
Absolutely NOT! I have worked very hard to create my tutorials and to keep them exclusive. I have created all the tutorials on Depiction except where noted.

Can I link to your tutorials?
Yes, In fact I encourage you to link to my tutorials. You may use the thumbnails or preview images that are on this site.



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