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Design your own micro buttons to use as form submit and reset buttons.

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Micro buttons are becoming very popular. They are quick and easy to make and make great replacements for submit and reset buttons in forms.

1. Create a new image of any size. Using the rectangular marquee tool, create a small rectangular box in a new layer and fill it with your color of choice.

2. Now Ctrl+click on the layer and go to Select > Modify > Smooth and choose a radius of 3 pixels. To get rid of the excess, press Ctrl+Shift+I (Inverse) and then delete.

3. Right-click on the layer and choose blending options. Select Bevel and Emboss. Change the highlight mode to Color Dodge and the opacity to 50%. Then select stroke. Add a 1 pixel black border on the outside. All you need to do now is add some text.




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