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Here Come the AI Worms
Security researchers created an AI worm in a test environment that can automatically spread between generative AI agents—potentially stealing data and sending spam emails along the way.

Good Climate Solutions Need Good Policy—and AI Can Help With That
Climate Policy Radar's tools scan global environmental laws to see what works and what doesn't. What its AI is discovering today will help shape the regulations of tomorrow.

Spain's Tragic Tower Block Fire Exposes the World's Failing Fire Regulations
A deadly tower block blaze in Spain has focused attention on notorious flammable building materials—but around the world, there's little momentum to stop using them.

The UK’s GPS Tagging of Migrants Has Been Ruled Illegal
The UK’s privacy regulator says the government did not take into account the intrusiveness of ankle tags that continuously monitor a person’s location.

Google’s Deal With Stack Overflow Is the Latest Proof That AI Giants Will Pay for Data
Stack Overflow’s programming community will power a version of Google’s Gemini chatbot. It’s part of a new breed of AI data licensing deals with websites seeking a cut of the generative AI boom.

The Willy Wonka Event’s Lead Actor Speaks Out: ‘It Was Just Gibberish’
Paul Connell, who portrayed “Willy McDuff” at Willy’s Chocolate Experience, talks to WIRED about the Unknown, jelly beans, and an impossible vacuum cleaner trick.

Nintendo Sues Makers of the Wildly Popular Yuzu Emulator
The Switch-maker alleges that Tropic Haze is “facilitating piracy at a colossal scale.”

The 26 Best Shows on Max (aka HBO Max) Right Now
From True Detective: Night Country to Curb Your Enthusiasm, here's everything you need to be watching on Max this month.

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Trump Trial Ransomware Leak
The notorious LockBit gang promised a Georgia court leak "that could affect the upcoming US election.” It didn't materialize—but the story may not be over yet.

The AI Culture Wars Are Just Getting Started
Google apologized after its Gemini model caused offense by being too “woke.” Expect political fights over AI’s values to worsen as the technology becomes more capable.

Here Are the Google and Microsoft Security Updates You Need Right Now
Plus: Mozilla patches 12 flaws in Firefox, Zoom fixes seven vulnerabilities, and more critical updates from February.

Best Theraguns and Other Therabody Tools (2024): Massage Guns, SmartGoggles, and TheraFace
Therabody makes great massagers and other self-care tools. Here’s our guide to its lineup.

12 Best Instant Cameras (2024): Instax, Lomography, Polaroid
Instant photo printing is like disco: It will never die. Which makes it perfect for your most precious memories.

Russia Attacked Ukraine's Power Grid at Least 66 Times to ‘Freeze It Into Submission’
Several of the strikes occurred far from the front lines of the conflict, indicating possible war crimes. Researchers say the attacks likely had devastating impacts on civilians.

How Nvidia Came to Rule AI
This week we chart the rise of Nvidia, the company whose chips, servers, and data centers have fueled the growth of artificial intelligence.

Tesla's Charging Network Is Now Open to Other EVs—and Ford Is First in Line
Starting today, Ford electric car drivers can plug into the Supercharger network. You can bet more makers will follow.

US Cities Could Be Capturing Billions of Gallons of Rain a Day
With better infrastructure and “spongy” green spaces, urban areas have made progress but should be soaking up way more free stormwater.

Javier Bardem Is Menacing and Thrilling in 'Dune: Part Two'—and a Soulful Teddy Bear IRL
He’s known for playing fanatics and murderous psychopaths. In real life, the actor loves his wife (and Brad Pitt) and cries during E.T.

The White House Warns Cars Made in China Could Unleash Chaos on US Highways
As Chinese automakers prepare to launch in the US, the White House is investigating whether cars made in China could pose a national security threat.

A Pornhub Chatbot Stopped Millions From Searching for Child Abuse Videos
Every time someone in the UK searched for child abuse material on Pornhub, a chatbot appeared and told them how to get help.

Lots of People Make Money on Fanfic. Just Not the Authors
Next year, SenLinYu’s Harry Potter fic Manacled will disappear from Archive of Our Own. They don’t want to take it down, but it’s the only way to keep others from profiting off of the work.

Biden Executive Order Bans Sale of US Data to China, Russia. Good Luck
The White House issued an executive order on Wednesday that aims to prevent the sale of Americans' data to “countries of concern,” including China and Russia. Its effectiveness may vary.

Amazon Just Got Banned From the EU Parliament
In an interview with WIRED, the politician behind the ban hits out at Amazon for being evasive about working conditions in its warehouses.

Emergency Planners Are Having a Moment
Governments, businesses, and even militaries pay for experts to help them prepare for the worst. In a world lurching from disaster to disaster, they're doing so more often.

Dictators Used Sandvine Tech to Censor the Internet. The US Finally Did Something About It
Canada-based Sandvine has long sold its web-monitoring tech to authoritarian regimes. This week, the US sanctioned the company, severely limiting its ability to do business with American firms.

Nemo Mayfly Osmo Review: A Lightweight 2-Person Backpacking Tent
Nemo’s latest backpacking tent is lightweight, compact, and cleverly designed to maximize living space on the trail.

Amazon Echo Hub Review: Bare-Bones Smart Display
The Hub takes the best features from the Show and cuts the clutter, putting smart-home control and widgets at the forefront.

Google Podcasts Is Going Away. Here's How to Transfer Your Subscriptions
Google’s Podcasts app is the latest addition to the company’s software graveyard. YouTube Music will replace it, and users have until July to migrate their shows.

Meet the Disney Imagineer Building You a Real-Life Holodeck
If you’ve ever seen a lightsaber at a Disney park or marveled at BB-8, you’ve seen Lanny Smoot’s work. Now, the man with over 100 patents wants you to be able to walk in VR.

RIP Apple Car. This Is Why It Died
Any tech company moving into the auto space needs a manufacturing partner. But Apple’s EV died as it lived: alone.

Humanity Is Dangerously Pushing Its Ability to Tolerate Heat
Extreme heat waves are already here, and they are killing tens of thousands of people. Blasting through 2 degrees Celsius of warming means they’ll happen many times more frequently.

A Major ‘Stardew Valley’ Update Is Coming in March
A massive update to the wildly popular farm life sim has an official release date. Here's when it'll arrive and what you can expect from it.

Change Healthcare Ransomware Attack: BlackCat Hackers Quickly Returned After FBI Bust
Two months ago, the FBI “disrupted” the BlackCat ransomware group. They're already back—and their latest attack is causing delays at pharmacies across the US.

The 27 Best Movies on Max (aka HBO Max) Right Now
From Barbie to Citizen Kane, here are our favorite movies on the streaming service.

The Weird, Wacky Gizmos and Gadgets We Saw at MWC 2024
Have you played Doom on a robot lawn mower? We did. From app-free phones to an electric bike with AI and 5G, we’ve combed the halls of the Mobile World Congress in search of all things quirky and bizarre.

‘Pokémon Legends: Z-A’ Is Coming in 2025. Will a New Nintendo Switch Join It?
Announced during Tuesday’s Pokémon Day, Legends: Z-A’s release date sparked a new wave of speculation that new Switch consoles will arrive next year.

Alabama IVF Patients Are Running Out of Time
“I feel so powerless in this state.”

The UK Is GPS-Tagging Thousands of Migrants
Ankle tags that constantly log a person’s coordinates are part of a growing cadre of experimental surveillance tools that countries around the world are trying out on new arrivals.

5 Best VPN Services (2024): For Routers, PC, iPhone, Android, and More
It won’t solve all of your privacy problems, but a virtual private network can make you a less tempting target for hackers.

Beachwaver B1 Review: Easy-to-Use Rotating Curling Iron
It’s a great, easy-to-use hair tool for those who struggle to achieve beachy waves and corkscrew curls.

How the Pentagon Learned to Use Targeted Ads to Find Its Targets—and Vladimir Putin
Meet the guy who taught US intelligence agencies how to make the most of the ad tech ecosystem, "the largest information-gathering enterprise ever conceived by man."

The US Supreme Court Holds the Future of the Internet in Its Hands
If the court backs provocative laws from Texas and Florida that limit social platforms’ ability to moderate content online, life could become radically different.

Russia's Online Campaign to Destroy Yulia Navalnaya
Social media accounts, Kremlin-backed websites, and Telegram channels are all working in coordination to post false allegations about Alexei Navalny’s widow.

All the Top New Gadgets at MWC 2024
A Barbie phone, a transparent laptop, a bendable bracelet smartphone, and a whole load of AI. Here’s all the best new gear announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

How to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe From Financial Scams
The elderly are particularly vulnerable to subscription scams and aggressive tech upselling. Here’s how to get your family the services and devices they need.

Vertex Is the Last Good Place Online
Completing a game of Vertex takes just 15 minutes, but I’ve started calling that time my smooth-brain hours.

How to Use ChatGPT’s Memory Feature
The latest update to OpenAI’s chatbot improves the AI’s ability to remember user details, but the feature is not yet available for all ChatGPT accounts.

Polar ID Is the Face ID Rival for Android Phones, and Could Even Beat Apple
Metalenz’s biometric tech is poised to finally give Android owners a more secure form of facial recognition—and in time could even check skin for cancerous growths or measure air quality.

How a Right-Wing Controversy Could Sabotage US Election Security
Republicans who run elections are split over whether to keep working with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to fight hackers, online falsehoods, and polling-place threats.

Hands-On With Samsung's Health-Hacking Galaxy Ring
As the smart ring race heats up, Samsung has revealed more about its coming health-based wearable, and how it will pimp Galaxy Watches.



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