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The Absolute Best Black Friday Deals Online This Weekend
Stay at home! Here are the very best discounts we’ve found in every category and at all the major retailers.

Burn Off That Turkey With These Black Friday Fitness Deals
These picks will help you get your sweat on, whether you're in a home gym, jogging down the road, or roughing it in the wilderness.

Our Favorite Mattress Deals for Black Friday
You should never buy a mattress online unless it’s discounted. Luckily, there are some modest holiday deals going on our favorite models.

Our Favorite Black Friday Deals for $50 or Less
You don't need to drop a boatload of money just because it's the biggest shopping day of the year. These picks won't empty your wallet.

You Really Should Peek at These Black Friday TV Deals
From gorgeous OLEDs to 4K projectors to soundbars, here are the best discounts to improve your home theater this holiday weekend.

Early Cyber Monday Deals on Pandemic Supplies
Months of quarantining and social distancing have meant shortages of essentials. If you need a mask or air purifier, we found discounts for you.

It’s Time to Stop Sharing Your Passwords With Your Partner
Go ahead, give them the keys to your heart—but anything more could make a cybersecurity mess.

Every Great Black Friday Deal on Google Devices
Google has discounted its new Pixel phones this weekend, along with Nest speakers and other Google smart home devices.

Endangered Vancouver Island Marmots Are Making a Comeback
Canada’s most endangered mammal is back from the brink of extinction—and offers hope as an “ambassador” for the conservation of less adorable species.

14 Early Cyber Monday Weekend Deals on Earth-Friendly Gear
Conserve water, save our national parks, and offset carbon emissions a bit with these sustainable picks.

These Are Our Favorite Small Businesses and Shops
For Small Business Saturday—or any day—remember to shop local! Here are some stores we think you'll like too.

The Best Black Friday Deals on Kindle, Fire, and Echo Devices
Get your Prime on with our favorite deals on Amazon’s ebook readers, tablets, speakers, and more.

These Are the Very Best Laptop Deals for Black Friday
We scoured the web to find the best deals on notebooks, Chromebooks, external monitors, and more.

Our Fave Headphone and Speaker Deals for Black Friday
These are our favorite audio deals this holiday weekend, from a pair of Beats to a smart speaker for your kitchen.

Our 35 Favorite Black Friday Smart Home and Kitchen Deals
We're spending more time in our houses than ever. Let us help you out with robot vacuums, smart dog collars, and more.

Stay In and Get Cozy With These Black Friday Video Game Deals
We need to stay indoors and not travel for the rest of the year. Why not stockpile on Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox titles?

The Best Black Friday Deals If You Work From Home
Standing desks, monitors, keyboards—pad out your home office with this discounted gear.

The Best Black Friday Deals on Beauty, Self-Care and Sex Toys
Do you need some extra soothing? Possibly with LED lights? We found the best discounts on vibrators, skincare tools, and more.

The Best Black Friday Phone, Tablet, and Watch Deals
We found discounts on Samsung Galaxy phones, Google Pixels, Apple Watches, iPads, and some great accessories.

Black Holes Aren't as Bad as You Think
Physicist Janna Levin is hoping to improve the reputation of the strange phenomena with her new book The Black Hole Survival Guide.

Your TV Sounds Awful. Upgrade It With One of These Soundbars
Every TV deserves a soundbar to call its own, and these are our favorites.

Is This the Gayest Yuletide Yet?
Streaming services are giving LGBTQ fans a tidy package of content this holiday season.

What's a Semi-Log Plot and How Can You Use It for Covid Data?
It is very useful for showing data that spans different orders of magnitude—like case numbers in South Korea compared to the numbers in the United States.

As Cities Curb Surveillance, Baltimore Police Took to the Air
In a program that overcame three court challenges this year, planes with high-tech cameras circled the city up to 40 hours a week.

Trump’s Election Attack Ends December 14—Whether He Knows It or Not
Despite the Trump campaign’s fight to overturn the election, the wheels of American democracy keep turning.

This Vizio OLED Is Our Favorite Black Friday TV Deal
Vizio has finally made a 55-inch OLED TV for less than $1,000. This is the best television discount this year.

The Ethics of Rebooting the Dead
The notion of resurrecting people as digital entities is becoming less hypothetical. But just because something can be done, doesn’t always mean it should.

The 9 Best Smart Speakers With Alexa or Google Assistant
Chatty assistants from Google, Amazon, and Apple are popular. But which one is right for you?

Can I Save Money by Buying a ‘Dumb’ TV?
Every Black Friday we get the same question: “Do I have to buy a smart TV?” Well, the short answer is yes, if you want an HDTV that's worth the money.

The Quest to Unearth One of America's Oldest Black Churches
First Baptist Church was founded in secret in 1776. It’s been hidden under a parking lot in Colonial Williamsburg for decades—a metaphor for the failures of archaeology and American history.

Our Favorite Dyson Stick Vacuum Is $150 Off Now
The wireless Cyclone V10 is light, beautiful, and modular, and it helps me clean everything from carpets to couches to the trunk of my car.

Does the AstraZeneca Vaccine Also Stop Covid Transmission?
Vaccines can prevent symptoms, but some can also keep people from spreading infection. That’s critical, and no one knows if the new vaccines do it.

The Last of Us Is Getting a TV Show, Which Seems Redundant
HBO is turning the wildly popular game into a series.

Biden Must Repair—and Reinvigorate—Tech Diplomacy
The administration’s nomination of Antony Blinken is a good start. But mending the damage of the past four years will require a complete reorientation.

The AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine Data Isn't Up to Snuff
There's been even more good news this week, this time from the Oxford-AstraZeneca trials. But a closer look reveals some very shaky science.

Considering a MacBook? Here are Our Favorites
Apple's laptops are expensive, and you'll have to make some hard choices to pick the right one. Let us help.

The 13 Best Holiday Movies to Stream This Season
This year, everyone is stuck inside even more than before. Here's what you need to watch to pass the time—and get in the spirit.

Meet the Microbes Living on Da Vinci’s Iconic Sketches
Think you’ve got an interesting microbiome? Your body ain’t got nothing on what’s accumulated on Leonardo’s drawings over 500 years.

Early Black Friday Deals You’ll Want to Snag Now
You don’t have to wait until the day after Thanksgiving—or leave your house—to get in on these discounts.

AI Can Run Your Work Meetings Now
A new wave of startups is trying to optimize meetings, from automated scheduling tools to facial recognition that measures who’s paying attention.

The New Demon's Souls Remake Tries Too Hard to Be Realistic
The PlayStation 5 reboot, like Shadow of the Colossus before it, loses the visual language of the original, undoing its magic.

Why 'Head Empty' Memes Are Dominating 2020
In a year of chaos, a series of internet tropes has sought to offer escape from the turmoil.

Which Microsoft Surface Device Should You Buy?
If you're having trouble figuring out whether to get the 2-in-1 Windows tablet hybrid or a traditional laptop, we're here to help.

From Podcasts to Book Deals, Friendship Is Big Business
Across the internet, pairs of best friends are parlaying their friendships into creative—and lucrative—business partnerships.

How to Have Productive Conversations About Election Misinfo
A holiday guide to navigating the deep swamp of polluted information.

How to Make Multiple Smart Speakers Work Together
Have a bunch of Amazon Echo speakers (or Google or Apple devices) around your house? Here's how to organize and control them all easily.

Facebook Can Be a Boon to Nonprofits—If They Get Verified
Organizations say they struggle with the social media giant's registration system and inability to reach a live person.

A New Study About Color Tries to Decode ‘The Brain’s Pantone’
How do humans perceive color? An NIH experiment finds a way to measure what happens after light hits the eye—using brain scans.

Yes, Chef: Here Are the Year’s Best Cookbooks
We’re all cooking more than ever in 2020. These six selections offer some new kitchen adventures.

This Squishy 3D-Printed Human Heart Feels Like the Real Thing
A clever technique allows scientists to scan a heart and reconstruct it in a soup of gelatin. It's like making jello, only way more useful for surgeons.



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