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How to Back Up Your Digital Life
Backups are boring, but they’ll save your bacon. Here’s how to make sure your data lives on, even when your PC doesn’t.

Growing Old Online
Millennials, the first generation to be online as kids, are starting to feel like we’ve aged out.  Is there a way to age gracefully on the internet?

A Wheel Made of ‘Odd Matter’ Spontaneously Rolls Uphill
Physicists have solved a key problem of robotic locomotion by revising the usual rules of interaction between simple component parts.

How to Upload Custom Emoji in Slack
Joined a new community and discovered—to your horror—that there are no party parrots? Let's fix that.

How to Switch iPhones Without Losing a Thing
Everything you need to know to successfully transfer your contacts, music, photos, and apps from one iOS device to another.

Put a Little Power Cube Under Your Couch
I never knew what these charging blocks were for until my Nintendo Switch started to die in the living room.

How to Save Money on the Apps You Use
You don’t have to pay full price for downloads, subscriptions, or even in-app purchases. Here’s how.

VPN Providers Flee India as a New Data Law Takes Hold
Many companies have pulled physical servers from the country as a mandate to collect customer data goes into effect.

Child Predators Mine Twitch to Prey on Kids
Plus: A leaked trove illuminates Russia’s internet regulator, a report finds Facebook and Instagram violated Palestinian rights, and more.

Windows 11’s First Big(ish) Update Is Now Available
Plus: Framework has a new ultra-repairable Chromebook, there's a cheaper Google Chromecast, and Amazon refreshes its Fire HD tablets.

Our Favorite Outdoor Security Cams for Your Home or Business
These weatherproof devices can keep a watchful eye on your property and let you get on with life.

The Best Coffee Subscriptions We’ve Savored
These services deliver freshly roasted, delicious coffee right to your door—each with its own twist.

Philadelphia’s Diatom Archive Is a Way, Way, Wayback Machine
A cache of phytoplankton at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University is helping researchers reconstruct historical coastlines.

The Latest Kitty Litter Robot Is Smarter, Quieter—and Pricier
You might not be scooping poop anymore, but Whisker's app can still give you vital information on your cat's health.

12 Great Deals on Apple Gadgets, TVs, and Bluetooth Speakers
Now’s a great time to upgrade your home entertainment solutions for the months to come.

How to Find Your Vaccine History—and Store It Safely
Worries about polio, monkeypox, and Covid-19 are rising. Here’s how to gather your health information, even if you’ve lost the paper records.

Why Adam Levine's Cringe DMs Are Perfect for the Meme Machine
The Maroon 5 frontman’s alleged Instagram messages are taking on a life of their own.

Slack’s and Teams’ Lax App Security Raises Alarms
New research shows how third-party apps could be exploited to infiltrate these sensitive workplace tools.

Can We Learn from the Mistakes of Futurism?
In their new book, brothers Steven, Jay, and Bob Novella try to improve on the futurism of yesteryear by identifying 10 "futurism fallacies" that have bedeviled earlier predictions.

Twitch's Crypto Casino Ban Ignores the Bigger Play
The company is going after cryptocurrency gambling—but will that be enough to satisfy concerned streamers?

Iran’s Internet Shutdown Hides a Deadly Crackdown
Amid protests against the killing of Mahsa Amini, authorities have cut off mobile internet, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The death toll continues to rise.

These Are the Best Portable Storage Drives
Need an ultrafast drive for video editing or a rugged option to back up your photos in the field? We’ve got a solution for every situation.

Lil Nas X Is the Anti-Troll
The one-time Barb deals with hecklers and homophobes with the cunning of a true internet native. This week, he bought them pizza.

The Physics of Going Fast—but Not Too Fast—on a Giant Slide
If you want to attain high speeds without getting airborne, it helps to know a little something about friction.

Give Your Back a Break With Our Favorite Office Chairs
Sitting at a desk for hours? Upgrade your WFH setup and work in style with these WIRED-tested comfy seats.

Bogus Fears of Censorship Could Spell the End of Content Moderation
Plus: The Supreme Court in cyberspace, what’s up with Web3, and ghost town resurrections.

Digimon Fans Still Exist—and They’re the Keepers of Its Future
The iconic late-’90s anime isn’t as ubiquitous as that other franchise about fighting monsters. But its devoted fandom is keeping the story alive.

The Elk Live Bridge Lets You Jam Together Online
Plug in this bright yellow audio interface, and you can play live music with anyone within 620 miles.

40 of the Best Movies on Disney+ Right Now
The best classic flicks, Marvel movies, and Star Wars sagas on Disney+.

How to Set Up Your New iPhone
Welcome to your new Apple smartphone. Here's how to get the most out of it right out of the box.

The UK Is Rejoining the Space Race
Virgin Orbit will launch satellites from the country for the first time, bringing orbital flight capability to Europe.

The Wild Plan to Export Sun From the Sahara to the UK
An ambitious cable project aims to power thousands of homes with renewable energy by 2030.

A Danish City Built Google Into Its Schools—Then Banned It
An 8-year-old’s YouTube snafu—and one unlikely parent activist—sparked a nationwide debate on the tech giant’s ubiquity and handling of children’s data.

32 of the Best Shows on Disney+ Right Now
Looking for something to watch? Here are the best shows on Disney’s streaming service.

The Ungodly Surveillance of Anti-Porn ‘Shameware’ Apps
Churches are using invasive phone-monitoring tech to discourage “sinful” behavior. Some software is seeing more than congregants realize.

US Lawmakers Push Tech Firms on Abortion Benefits for Gig Workers
Elizabeth Warren and Cori Bush led over two dozen congressional Democrats in urging Amazon, Lyft, Uber, and others to reclassify contractors as employees.

The Next Silicon Valley Will Be in the US Heartland
Steve Case, founder of AOL, predicts the dominance of tech companies on the coasts will give way to a flourishing of startups from smaller cities.

A New Linux Tool Aims to Guard Against Supply Chain Attacks
Security firm Chainguard has created a simple, open source way for organizations to defend the cloud against some of the most insidious attacks.

Power Up Anywhere With Our Favorite Portable Chargers
Keep your phone, tablet, laptop, and other electronics running with these handheld power banks.

Apple Made the Right Upgrades in the New AirPods Pro
This is a good example of how you make already-great wireless earbuds even better.

There’s New Proof Crispr Can Edit Genes Inside Human Bodies
The technique had largely been limited to editing patients’ cells in the lab. New research shows promise for treating diseases more directly.

Lawns Are Dumb. But Ripping Them Out May Come With a Catch
Meticulous turf is environmentally terrible. Yet grass does have one charm: It “sweats,” helping cool the local area.

The ‘Surveillance Solutionism’ of Putting Cameras in NYC Subways
When “if you see something, say something” becomes “we see everything,” everyone loses.

Peloton Row and the Future of At-Home Workouts
This week, we talk about Peloton’s growing product lineup, and whether our days of sweating along to streamed exercise classes at home are over.

Which Apple Watch Is Best Right Now?
Now that the Series 8 and Ultra sport watch are here, we can help you figure out which version to get (and which to avoid).

The US and EU are Teaming Up to Contain Big Tech
The EU’s chief antitrust enforcer Margrethe Vestager says that US tech companies are changing their behavior as global regulators question their dominance.

After Andor, Read These 5 Comics
These books were looking at the origins of the war between the Rebels and the Empire long before the new Disney+ show.

Europe’s Heat Waves Offer a Grim Vision of the Future
Extreme temperatures are the direct result of climate change, which means more intense heat events, wildfires, and droughts to come.

The Best Video Game Deals This September
Games for every console, plus DLC and freebies—all in one spot.

A Better Birth Is Possible
As a young Black woman, I saw my pregnancy treated like a problem. So I ditched the doctors for home delivery and found an alternative model for health care.



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