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Hackers Keep Targeting the US Water Supply
Plus: The biggest Twitch hack, an iOS zero day, and more of the week's top security news.

The Best Assistive Technology for Dyslexics
Whether you're grappling with homework or just trying to get things done, these tools will help your tech adapt to you—instead of the other way around.

Turn Your Smart Home Into a Haunted House With Spooky Tech
Add some high-tech horror to your Halloween decorations with scary sounds, frightening lights, and more.

Ground-Level Ozone Is a Creeping Threat to Biodiversity
Scientists are learning how this pollutant damages plants and trees, setting off a cascade of effects that harms everything from soil microbes to wildlife.

11 Fun Subscription Boxes for Kids of All Ages
These monthly deliveries will help kids start coding, read about the world, cook, or learn science.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Needs More Epic Viking Tunes
Norse warriors were famously musical, and people in the Dark Ages kind of hated that.

The 14 Best Weekend Deals on TVs, Headphones, and More
From gorgeous LG OLED models to Apple's AirPods Pro, there are a ton of great sales going on right now.

Missouri Threatens to Sue a Reporter Over a Security Flaw
The governor warned that he would take legal action against a journalist who identified a vulnerability that exposed teachers’ Social Security numbers.

FDA Backs Boosters, Travel Restrictions Lift, and More News
Catch up on the most important updates from this week.

What If Panic Over Social Media Is Overblown?
Perhaps fears over Facebook aren't that much different than previous worries over the effects of video games or Dungeons & Dragons.

Facebook Doesn’t Have to Be Terrible
This week, we talked about revelations from whistleblower Frances Haugen’s testimony—and whether this reckoning will finally change the social media giant.

Which Sonos Speakers Should You Buy?
From the Move to the Beam, we've tested nearly every speaker from the venerable brand. We like them all—but here are the best picks to fit your lifestyle.

Aragami 2 Reminds Us of the Value of Life—and Ninjas
The nostalgic third-person stealth game about assassination accommodates nonlethal gameplay at every level.

Dave Chappelle, 'Squid Game,' and the Problem of Popularity
Maybe the most surprising thing about 'The Closer' is how many people are watching it.

Could MJ Really Hang on During Spider-Man’s Swing?
Shooting a web from your hands requires Spidey powers. But does keeping your grip on one of them require Spidey strength?

How to Share Your Location on an iPhone or Android
Whether it’s through Google Maps or Emergency SOS, there are plenty of ways to quickly let your loved ones know where you are.

Facebook Isn't the Only Thing That Failed Free Speech
Plus: Zuck’s Georgetown speech, Microsoft’s upgrade plans, and William Shatner’s trip to space.

The Malaria Vaccine Is a Big Deal, but Not a Silver Bullet
RTS,S proves that shots can work against parasites. But to eradicate this disease, scientists say we need more than just one tool.

The New Polaroid Now+ Has Groovy Clip-On Filters
Polaroid’s latest instant camera gives vintage manual photography a much-needed refresh.

How Facebook Hides How Terrible It Is With Hate Speech
The company publicly claims its AI is amazing at removing harmful content, but internal documents suggest they know the algorithm is ineffective.

LinkedIn’s Exit From China Cuts Another East-West Bridge
The Microsoft subsidiary had agreed in 2014 to censor content in China, but that apparently wasn’t enough for tougher government regulators.

A Telegram Bot Told Iranian Hackers When They Got a Hit
APT35 may not be the most dangerous group out there, but they've got a new phishing trick.

17 Steaming-Hot Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers
We all know someone who puts too much time into their morning brew. Here's how to shop for them.

Facebook's Fall From Grace Looks a Lot Like Ford's
Before there was Big Tech, there were auto companies that prioritized profits over safety—until a leaked memo made it clear regulation was the only cure.

The Back Bay Tempo 30 Are the Best Cheap Workout Buds
These small, affordable buds make me feel bad about recommending any other workout headphones.

Earth’s Unicorn Population Is Exploding
It’s not a fantasy: VC valuations and spending on startups in 2021 are off the charts, and the year isn’t over yet.

Fujifilm's New Instax Printer Cranks Out Big, Glorious Photos
Fujifilm's latest stand-alone smart printer uses their largest instant film for bigger, better prints.

Japanese Breakfast Talks About Writing Sable's Soundtrack
The musician discusses playing JRPGs as a kid, learning on the job, and how composing the game's soundtrack gave her a newfound sense of freedom.

AI’s Smarts Now Come With a Big Price Tag
As language models get more complex, they also get more expensive to create and run. Some companies are locked out.

Growing Crops Under Solar Panels? Now There’s a Bright Idea
In the new scientific (and literal) field of agrivoltaics, researchers are showing how panels can increase yields and reduce water use on a warming planet.

The Best Nintendo Switch Bundle Deals—and Which Model to Pick
Looking to nab a Switch, Switch Lite, or related accessories? We've compiled everywhere you can potentially get them online.

It’s Play Time: Video Games and Peripherals Are on Sale
With a new headset and a copy of Breath of the Wild, you’ll have everything you need to curl up inside this fall.

There Is No Bipartisan Consensus on Big Tech
The media's rose-colored rhetoric on cooperation across the aisle is overblown—and threatens the road to substantive regulation.

Our Favorite Outdoor Security Cams for Your Home or Business
These weatherproof devices can keep a watchful eye on your property and let you get on with life.

Telegram Is Becoming a Cesspool of Anti-Semitic Content
A new report shows that channels devoted to anti-Jewish conspiracy theories are growing at an alarming rate. Why won’t the platform take action?

Looking for a Tablet? These Are Our Absolute Favorites
We’ve tested all the top slates, from Apple’s iPads to Android and Windows devices.

The Freewrite Traveler Is a Distracted Writer’s Friend
This portable digital typewriter lets you scribe without being constantly pinged by the internet.

Jett: The Far Shore Imagines Conscientious Space Colonization
WIRED spoke with the game's devs, plus a senior NASA astrobiologist, about the game and its vision of interstellar environmentalism.

Carbon-Capturing Sunglasses Offer a View of Fashion's Future
A new biomaterial created by methane-munching marine organisms can be molded into eyeglass frames, or formed into leather-like sheets.

How to Play Every Game From Squid Game (and Not Die)
The hit Netflix show pulls heavily from traditional Korean schoolyard games—and the stakes are, thankfully, very low.

NASA Is Preparing for the Ravages of Climate Change
The agency knows it needs to adapt to climate-driven events that will increasingly threaten coastal launch sites and other key space infrastructure.

These Solar-Powered Headphones Let You Ditch the Charger
Urbanista's noise-canceling cans are a fine listen, but what really sets them apart is a solar cell that derives energy from any type of light.

The Best Projectors (and 2 Great Screens)
Whether you want a portable presenter or a theater-quality behemoth, our picks will help you upgrade your at-home movie nights.

He Charted Marvel’s Massive Story—and Revealed an Epic
For his new book, Douglas Wolk read more than 27,000 comic books. What he found was one single coherent saga: the Uncanny American Novel.

How to Identify Any Song Using Your Phone
Need help naming that tune? Try asking Google Assistant, Siri, or Shazam.

Volvo’s Classy All-Electric SUV Is Surprisingly Zippy
The 2022 model of the all-electric XC40 Recharge meets expectations but adds a few surprises too.

With Subscriptions, Automakers Mimic Netflix’s Playbook
GM thinks consumers might pay $135 a month for emergency assistance, enhanced maps, and software-enabled upgrades that boost acceleration.

Another Global Pandemic Is Spreading—Among Pigs
African swine fever killed half the pigs in China. There is no vaccine and no treatment. Now it’s in the Caribbean and on the doorstep of the US.

The Missing Teen Who Fueled ‘Cult Panic’ Over D&D
When a college student vanished, one overzealous detective convinced the press that he might have been been trapped in a series of tunnels by fellow gamers.

Which Microsoft Surface Laptop or Tablet Is Best?
If you can’t decide whether to get the 2-in-1 Windows hybrid or a traditional laptop, we’re here to help.



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