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The 18 Best Wireless Headphones for Everyone
Whether you need workout earbuds or gaming over-ears, these WIRED-tested picks sound like a million bucks.

The Best Wired Gaming Headsets for Every System
A simple corded headset will lend depth and drama to your gameplay, no matter what device you have.

Astronomers Radically Reimagine the Making of the Planets
Observations of faraway worlds have forced a near-total rewrite of the story of our solar system.

Devialet’s Dione Soundbar Is Mighty but Flawed
A startlingly impressive Dolby Atmos TV audio system, minus the voice control and physical remote you’re used to.

The Best Camping Cookware
Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew. This guide will make sure you can whip up tasty grub no matter where you end up.

One Day, AI Will Seem as Human as Anyone. What Then?
A Google engineer's claim that the LaMDA program is sentient underscores an urgent need to demystify the human condition.

Juul Survives a Blow From the FDA—for Now
Plus: Instagram cracks down on age verification, Microsoft says it will stop using AI to track emotions, and Twitter wants to be a blog.

The Post-Roe Privacy Nightmare Has Arrived
Plus: Microsoft details Russia’s Ukraine hacking campaign, Meta’s election integrity efforts dwindle, and more.

The Best Climbing Gear for Beginners
You don’t need a lot, nor do you need to spend a ton. From harnesses to carabiners, here are our favorites.

The Cowboy 4 Ebike Is the Perfect Steed for Rookie Riders
This sleek Belgian ebike is ready to ride out of the box, integrates helpfully with your phone, and looks as good as Sam Elliott in a felt hat.

A Warming Climate Takes a Toll on the Vanishing Rio Grande
Rising temperatures and an unprecedented drought pose a grave and growing peril to the river and its ecosystems.

11 Great Deals on Backyard, Beach, and Camp Gear
Ring in the start of summer with these outdoor discounts.

Razer Gaming Headsets and Accessories Are on Sale Right Now
Score steep discounts on a mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals.

How to Move Your WhatsApp Chats Across Devices and Apps
It's never been easier to switch between iPhone and Android—and to get your messages out of the Meta ecosystem entirely.

America’s Armed Forces Are Weaker Without Roe
Here’s what Congress, the DOD, and the VA can do to ensure troops’ access to abortion—and improve the nation’s security.

How to Protest Safely: What to Bring and What to Do
If you’re planning on hitting the streets, here’s what you need to know.

A Guide to Abortion Resources in a Post-Roe America
Most people don’t think about abortion until they need one. But with the right to access under threat, the time to plan is now.

How a YouTube Sensation Became a Movie—12 Years Later
In Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, the eponymous character learns what internet fame can do.

Up Against It Explores Life in the Asteroid Belt
For her new novel Laura J. Mixon wanted to tell a story that took a more realistic approach to space adventure.

Roe Is Overturned After 49 Years. It Revolutionized Life for Women
The national right to abortion pushed back the age of childbearing, increased college and workforce participation, and created economically stable families.

Take Your Tunes Anywhere With Our Fave Bluetooth Speakers
These are our favorite portable speakers of all shapes and sizes, from clip-ons to a massive boom box.

Shopify Goes Soul-Searching
Plus: The early days of e-commerce, the question of sentience, and frightening temperatures.

The Uncomfortable Comforts of Stranger Things
As the show’s latest season sweeps Netflix, jokes about scandals like Watergate seem almost quaint.

The 9 Best Drones for Every Budget
Whether you want to battle Star Wars spaceships or shoot a cinematic masterpiece, one of these picks is going to be perfect for you.

The Capstone Launch Will Kick Off NASA’s Artemis Moon Program
The tiny spacecraft is set to explore an orbit for a planned space station that will travel around the moon and serve as a staging point for future missions.

MSI’s No-Frills Gaming Laptop Misses the Mark on Value
With prices above $1,000 at the low end, MSI's Katana GF66 no-frills gaming laptop struggles to make a mark as a value-for-money machine.

How ‘The Dress’ Sparked a Neuroscience Breakthrough
The color debate that broke the internet raised new questions about the relationship between perception and consciousness.

The Best Accessories and Tech Essentials for Your Dog
From smart collars to dog backpacks, we've had our furry best friends try it all. These gadgets lead the pack.

The End of Klarna’s Easy Money Is Bad News for BNPL
As the Swedish unicorn faces competition, regulation, and investment concerns, can “buy now, pay later” companies weather another economic downturn?

Can Binance Save Crypto? The CEO Is Thinking About It
As the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange becomes a target for a lawsuit over the terra-luna crash, Changpeng "CZ" Zhao has no regrets.

What Polar Bear Genomes May Reveal About Life in a Low-Ice Arctic
Two new studies use whole genome sequencing to explore how the animals have fared in warmer conditions, raising questions about climate and adaptation.

Google Warns of New Spyware Targeting iOS and Android Users
The spyware has been used to target people in Italy, Kazakhstan, and Syria, researchers at Google and Lookout have found.

Charity TikTok Videos Put an Uncomfortable Spin on Morality
#HonestyTest videos, which reward people for being “good,” show a skewed view of who deserves kindness.

The Best Laptop Totes for Work and Weekends
We filled these bags to the brim with our tech, wallets, and water bottles. They held up to the test.

Generative Art Is Challenging What It Means to Be Human
In the age of NFTs, artists who collaborate with machines are forcing new questions around intellectual property, process, and the value of art.

Give Your Back a Break With Our Favorite Office Chairs
Sitting at a desk for hours? Upgrade your WFH setup and work in style with these comfy seats.

How to Use Markdown in Google Docs
This writer-friendly shorthand now has a home in Google's productivity suite, but it's not without drawbacks.

Slack Thinks You Need Another Video Conferencing App
This week, we talk about Slack’s new video huddle feature and what it means for how we talk online.

Parents Need to Know What’s Going On Inside Their Day Care Apps
After months of digging into privacy and security issues around these apps, I have some serious concerns.

How Covid Tracking Apps Are Pivoting for Commercial Profit
In the pandemic’s early days, government-backed public health apps acquired millions of users—a ready-made audience developers are eager to tap.

Meta Made Millions in Ads From Networks of Fake Accounts
The social media giant banned accounts promoting disinformation, spam, or propaganda—and kept the money it made from ads.

15 Best Early Amazon Prime Day Deals
From TVs and smartphones to laptops, there are already a few great discounts on some of our favorite products ahead of the retailer's big sales event.

What the DNA of Ancient Humans Reveals About Pandemics
Genomic analysis of ancient remains has shed light on the origins of the black death and offers insights into the coevolution of humans and diseases.

The Loneliness of the Junior College Esports Coach
He tried to save his wife through the video game they loved—and nearly lost himself. Then he signed up to lead a fledgling team of gamers in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Covid Shots for Little Kids Are Here. Now for the Hardest Part
Hesitancy, bureaucracy, inequity, and the need to explain new formulas could slow down vaccine delivery to the last unprotected group.

10 Deals to Spoil Your Pets From Chewy’s Blue Box Sale
Treat your best friend with these huge discounts.

Brave Now Lets You Customize Search Results—for Better or Worse
The privacy-focused company's new Goggles tool allows users to weed out the noise—whatever that might mean.

The Nightmare Politics and Sticky Science of Hacking the Climate
Spraying aerosols and sucking carbon out of the air would bring down temperatures, yes. But the unintended consequences of geoengineering could be enormous.

Apple's M2-Powered MacBook Pro Doesn't Bring Much to the Table
A new chip is just about the only upgrade on this lackluster but perfectly fine laptop.

Slack Is Adding Video to Huddles. It Looks a Lot Like Zoom.
Adding video to Slack’s popular Huddles feature could herald a new digital hang space—or just reinvent video meetings.



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