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9 Best TVs We've Tested (2023): Cheap, 4K, 8K, OLED, and Tips
From LCDs to fancy OLED models, these are our favorite televisions at every price point.

Apple’s VR Vision Comes Into Focus
Plus: Microsoft stops selling Windows 10, Substack gets a supersecret Finsta mode, and TikTok tweaks its DMs.

A Link to News Site Meduza Can (Technically) Land You in Russian Prison
Plus: Hive ransomware gang gets knocked offline, FBI confirms North Korea stole $100 million, and more.

The Best Climbing Gear for Beginners (2023): Harnesses, Belay Devices, and Helmets
Whether you tackle the fiberglass rock wall at the indoor gym or red rock gorges outdoors, you only need a few things to get started.

The American West’s Salt Lakes Are Turning to Dust
A new research and monitoring program aims to conserve threatened but overlooked saline ecosystems.

Why 'Velma' Is the Internet’s New Punching Bag
The show’s got cred and lots of viewers, yet it’s still in the social media crosshairs. Blame the character’s legacy.

Doctors, Get Ready for Your AI Assistants
Hospitals have begun using machine learning to help analyze and collect images, and the medical applications are endless.

14 Best Deals: TVs, Wireless Earbuds, Soundbars
Now is the time to grab a big screen for the Super Bowl.

'Menswear Guy' Marks a Shift in Twitter's Main Characters
It used to be someone who stepped into the fray. Now, it can be anyone.

Gene Wolfe Was Sci-Fi's Most Enigmatic Writer
Fans have spent years trying to comprehend his books, and many still don't have answers.

The 25 Best Amazon Prime Shows Right Now
From The Underground Railroad to Rings of Power, these are our picks for what you should be watching on the streamer.

The 10 Best Amazon Prime Films Right Now
From One Night in Miami … to Licorice Pizza, these are the best films available on the streamer.

Climate Reparations Won’t Work
For Tonga and other nations disproportionately impacted by the environmental crisis, cash is only a band-aid for a spiraling disaster.

M&M’s Are the Best Trolls on the Internet
After a long crusade by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, the brand put its spokescandies on hiatus. It’s a savvy move that seems designed for social media.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G Review: A Phenomenal $200 Phone
The Galaxy A14 5G is easily the best phone you can buy for $200.

Alphabet’s Layoffs Aren’t Very Googley
The company’s founders pioneered putting employees first and said they’d never bow down to Wall Street. How things have changed.

4 Best Webcams (2023): Razer, Logitech, and More
Bring a little light (and proper color contrast) into your life with these cameras.

Crispr Wants to Feed the World
The power to fight human diseases put genome editing on the map. But similar technology could help crops withstand the stress of climate change.

How Sensor-Dangling Helicopters Can Help Beat the Water Crisis
A simultaneous solution to California’s extreme drought and flooding is to bank more water underground. Send in the choppers (and a few ATVs).

Big Tech Is Really Bad at Firing People
Workers from Google, Meta, and Twitter reveal the brutal ways they got dumped.

I Started a Bike Bus, and You Can Too
It’s official: The best way to improve both your life and your community is to get everyone to cycle to school together.

ADS-B Exchange, the Flight Tracker That Powered @ElonJet, Sold to Jetnet
ADS-B Exchange, beloved for resisting censorship, was sold to a company owned by private equity—and now even its biggest fans are bailing.

Robot Cars Are Causing 911 False Alarms in San Francisco
City agencies say the incidents and other disruptions show the need for more transparency about the vehicles and a pause on expanding service.

Apple MacBook Pro (16-Inch, 2023) Review: Great Gets Greater
It’s pricey, but the M2 Max brings a pleasant performance boost to an already fantastic machine.

Most Criminal Cryptocurrency Funnels Through Just 5 Exchanges
The crypto money-laundering market is tighter than at any time in the past decade, and the few big players are moving a “shocking” amount of currency.

The Best Personal Safety Devices, Apps, and Alarms (2023)
Your smartphone or wearable could help you out in a truly dangerous situation. Here are some options to consider.

ChatGPT Isn’t the Only Way to Use AI in Education
AI can be a tool to create meaningful connections and learning experiences for children—and may help foster more equitable outcomes.

Best Home Emergency Kit Gear (2023): Flashlights, Stoves, Chargers, and More
Don’t wait to buy until you need it. Stock up on these essentials and be prepared for whatever the world throws your way.

How Much of a Threat Is TikTok, Really?
This week, we talk about why search engine companies, lawmakers, and parents are all concerned about TikTok eating our brains.

The Rise of the Tech Bro Supervillain
For decades movie bad guys were easily identified by their mustaches or mwa-ha-has. These days, evil wears a hoodie.

ChatGPT Is Coming for Classrooms. Don't Panic
The AI chatbot has stoked fears of an educational apocalypse. Some teachers see it as the reboot education sorely needs.

The Workforce Is Failing Women. Business Leaders Can Stop It
Workplaces must undergo huge structural changes if they are to stop the exodus.

I Spent a Week Using Only TikTok for Search
Younger users are sidestepping Google in favor of the social app's search engine, so I tried it too. You will absolutely believe what happened next.

13 Deals on Headphones, Gaming Gear, and Home Office Upgrades
Right now you can score discounts on speakers, vacuums, and noise-canceling headphones to drown them out.

Generative AI Won’t Revolutionize Game Development Just Yet
Hypesters say artificial intelligence will one day automate all the hard work of video game creation. But it’s not that simple.

Apple Mac Mini (M2 Pro, 2023) Review: The Missing Piece
This small but powerful machine fills a great gap between everyday use and those looking for a little more power.

You Might Survive a Nuclear Blast—if You Have the Right Shelter
The escalating risks of Russia’s war in Ukraine have led scientists to study the unthinkable and model the aftermath of nuclear detonation.

Celebrities, TikTok, and a Cat Bot Are Crashing
Millions of eager players have overrun the legacy website.

Airlines and Cattle Farmers Have Beef With Google’s Climate Math
The company offers estimates of the emissions impacts of flights and recipes. Businesses with sales at stake are pushing back.

The Problematic Arrival of Anti-Obesity Drugs
Fat activists say they’re tools of coercion. Celebrities are taking them to get slim. Is this really the road people want to go down?

The Rebellion Amazon Can No Longer Ignore
Warehouse workers in the UK are walking out for the first time, and they want the world to follow.

The Earth Is Begging You to Accept Smaller EV Batteries
Electric vehicles are selling fast. But unless people change how they get around, the demand for battery materials threatens its own environmental disaster.

9 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes We’ve Tasted (2022): Gifting, Fresh, Decaf, Single-Origin
These services deliver freshly roasted, delicious coffee picks right to your door—each with its own twist.

15 Best Recycled and Upcycled Clothes (2023): Leggings, Sneakers, T-shirts
Do you need new leggings, or a robe? Get ones made from recycled bottles or deadstock.

China Is the World’s Biggest Face Recognition Dealer
Experts fear sales of the technology also export authoritarian ideas about biometric surveillance. The second largest exporter is the US.

The Unrelenting Menace of the LockBit Ransomware Gang
The notorious Russian-speaking cybercriminals grew successful by keeping a low profile. But now they have a target on their backs.

Is It Time to Call Time on the Doomsday Clock?
It’s been ticking down the seconds to nuclear apocalypse for three-quarters of a century, but it’s not so helpful when it comes to climate change.

What 'Getting Curious' Taught Jonathan Van Ness About … Everything
After seven years and 300 episodes, the podcast’s host tells WIRED about his nine favorite episodes.

The 10 Best Shows on Apple TV+ Right Now
Whether you’re enjoying a free trial or signed up purely for Ted Lasso, these are WIRED’s top picks for Apple TV+.

The Battle Over Bike Lanes Needs a Mindset Shift
Installing protected routes tends to boost local shops. But many store owners remain attached to their street parking—and fight to protect it.



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