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Webmaster Articles > Is Your Site Ready For The Coming RSS Revolution?


RSS is becoming a major force on the web and a dominant contributing factor to your computing experience. Find out what it is and how your site can benefit from it.

Recently, there have been many developments in the RSS arena. Changes that will make RSS a major force on the web and a dominant contributing factor to your computing experience. Online marketers should pay special attention to the RSS wildcard in any future marketing ventures.

If you're like the average surfer or computer user - you're probably scratching your head - what the heck is RSS? Never heard of it?

'RSS' stand for 'Really Simple Syndication' and its original acronym stood for 'Rich Site Summary'. RSS is basically just a simple code like xml or
html. Truth be told, many surfers who use the web every day probably never heard of html either.

However, there is one very important distinction you should realize about RSS - one fundamental difference that makes it such a revolutionary element. It changes how information is transmitted on the web, it sends
out or syndicates a site's contents. Don't come to us, we will deliver.

Surfers can view the contents of your site without actually having to go to your site! RSS is usually associated with Blogs and Blogging because Blogs use RSS Feeds to syndicate its contents.

Why all the fuss? Why is RSS so revolutionary?

Basically, in a very simple and practical way, RSS changes 'HOW' information is exchanged on the web. It changes how content is accessed, instead of the surfer visiting websites and getting the information; with RSS a site's information is sent or syndicated to all interested parties.

RSS has the potential to change every website on the net into its own mini-broadcasting system. Sending out videos (broadcatching) and audio feeds (podcasting) to those you have subscribed to receive
this information.

Websites can now go from being a 'static' force, just sitting there waiting for visitors to come pay a visit; to a more pro-active broadcasting force,
sending out content, news and information. The implications may be enormous and far reaching.

Already, we see some major Internet and Computer Companies gearing up for the coming RSS revolution! Perhaps, the most significant and revolutionary is Microsoft's Longhorn announcement that the next
version of Windows will have RSS integrated not only into its browser but also into their operating system.

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