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This will place RSS firmly into the heart of your computing experience. It will change how you use the Internet and it will change how you use your
computer. If that wasn't enough, Microsoft's new list extensions to the RSS standard will be under the 'Creative Commons License'.

There is even a group offering $100 million in RSS venture capital funding. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts - RSS Investors will offer funding
in the developing technology of RSS. What's a revolution without fuel!

Another Internet company you may have stumbled upon while surfing, is also gearing up for RSS. Google is already using an xml powered sitemaps system to help it index the whole Internet. Webmasters, can use xml to keep their websites constantly updated in Google.

A while back, Google also bought which is an online blogging system (Personal web logs or journals where people give their take on the state of the universe as they see it!) that also takes advantage of syndicated feeds to distribute its content.

Google is already going 'head-to-head' with Microsoft in the 'desktop battleground' with the release of Google Desktop 2. Google is also finally accepting the RSS standard by placing it in the Sidebar feature
- users can personalize this sidebar with their own RSS and Atom Feeds. In the past, the Atom syndication standard was favored and promoted by Google.

These are just two companies that are gearing up for RSS. There are millions more who are starting to use RSS feeds to broadcast their message, product or content. RSS is a marketer's dream. The opportunities to advertise, promote and sell your products with RSS are endless.

More and more businesses are just realizing the enormous potential of RSS. Real estate, insurance, tourist industry...

So what about you? Do you run a website? Are you geared up for RSS? Are you taking advantage of RSS?

If you haven't joined the RSS bandwagon, don't worry, this revolution is very easy to join. Here's a few quick pointers.

First, set up a blog and RSS feed for your site. This can be done within a few minutes with a no-cost system like which is owned by Google. You can even host this blog on your own site. Another system that offers more options is the free 'wordpress' blogging system. Find more out about it here:

But blogs are just one area of RSS, make sure you have Google Sitemaps set up on your site. If you need help with this procedure click here:

There are other simple and easy ways to use RSS on your site. Tags, content feeds, RSS search... Click here for further help on the different ways you can use RSS on your site:

Get your site ready, don't delay. The RSS revolution is already started.

Microsoft and Google are just two companies that are taking advantage of RSS. You should follow their lead and start gearing up your site for RSS if you haven't already. The benefits are enormous and the consequences of not having or using RSS could be crippling to any online concern. With or without you, RSS will change the web and the way we use our personal computers. However, this is one revolution you definitely should consider joining. The stakes are just too high and besides, what's a revolution without you?

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