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SEO Elite
With SEO Elite, you can find out exactly what your competitors are doing and copy their strategies. You can find out about your competitors’ web pages:

Concerning link partners and search engines, SEO Elite can:

Price: $167.

The focus of SEOToolset is to provide data to help with website promotion. The toolset includes:

Your website

Search engines and directories

Your competition

Price: $90.00 per quarter per site.

The 10 tools in the Web CEO package are designed to help you promote and maintain your website, improve search engine results, and analyze site visitors. A summary of these tools:

At your website

Search engines and competition

Price: $295 for one person. A free version is also available.

WebPosition, one of the oldest and most popular SEO tools, offers a five-step SEO process:

Price: $149 or $349.

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