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Learn how to add artificial rain drops to images in Photoshop.

5. Next right-click on the Drop 1 layer and select Blending Options. Apply the following Drop Shadow settings: Opacity 50, Angle 158, Distance 7, Spread 0, and Size 5.

Rain Drops Photoshop Tutorial

6. Apply the following Inner Shadow settings: Opacity 75, Angle 158, Distance 5, Spread 0, and Size 5.

Rain Drops Photoshop Tutorial

7. For the Glow Effect, create a new layer named Glow and set the foreground color to white. Then select the Brush Tool and make a small dot in the drop. Here is the final effect:

Rain Drops Photoshop Tutorial

Note: For making the curved drops select the Drop 1 layer then go to Filter > Liquify and make appropriate shape and click OK.

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