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Learn how to set permissions for files when using cgi files.

CHMOD sets file permissions for cgi scripts. This is usually needed to be done when installing cgi/perl based scripts on UNIX servers. The process is very simple.

CHMODIn your ftp program, right click on the file whose permissions need to be changed and select CHMOD. (I use WS_FTP, so this may be different if using another ftp program. You may need to check the help files.) You will notice there are three rows(read, write, and execute) and three columns(owner, group, and other). The read boxes equal 4, the write boxes equal 2, and the execute boxes equal 1. For example, when you are required to set a file's permissions to 755, you would check all boxes in the first column, and the top two in each of the other columns. That is basically it. You may find that the permissions suggested in read me files may not always work. You will have to try other combinations until it will work. Other common permissions are 777, 666(lol, not bad in this case), 644, and 700.

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