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Create a link from your page to any other page on the World Wide Web.

Placing links on your site to other sites or files is extremely easy.

Text Link
<a href="url goes here">text goes here</a>

Image Link
<a href="url goes here"><img src="image.gif"<</a>

You can create a link to a file or graphic the same way. Just put the url of the file in the spot that says "url goes here".

Want to open a link in a new window? Use the following code.

<a href="url goes here" target="_blank"<</a>

E-Mail Link
<a href="mailto:[email protected]"<E-Mail Me</a>


Anchors let you link to a certain section of your page for faster viewing. It works very well in long pages.

Place your cursor in the part of the page that you wish the user to jump to. Type <a name="anchor name goes here"> Now add the words or images that you would like referenced. Conclude it with </a>

It should look like this: <a name="about">About</a>

To link to an anchor, use the the following: <a href="#anchor name"<text or image goes here</a>;

You may also create an anchor link to another page <a href="page.html#anchor name">text or image goes here</a>





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