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Learn how to embed a page by using a floating frame.

Floating or inline frames enables a full page to be added inside another. Unlike PHP and SHTML, inline frames use a .html file as the embeded file and includes a scrollbar. However inline frames aren't supported by every browser. Netscape 4.x and Opera 5 for Macintosh don't support inline frames.

1. Start off by typing <iframe src="embededpage.html", where embededpage.html is the page that will be shown in the inline frame when viewed in a browser.

2. To name the embeded page, type name="depiction" and replace "depiction" with the name of the embeded page.

3. Type width="200" height="300">. Replace the current dimensions with the dimensions of the new inline frame.

4. Type the text that should appear if the browser doesn't support inline frames. Finally type </iframe> to complete the inline frame.

You should now have:

<iframe src="embededpage.html" name="depiction" width="200" height="300">Your Browser does not support inline frames.</iframe>


If done correctly, the inline frame should appear as below when viewed in a browser. (I removed the border.)



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