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Learn the most basic html tags and proper structure.

What are Flags?

Flags are basically commands. For example, if you want to place a text sentence, you'd place a flag at the beginning and end of your sentence. This applies for everything in HTML.

Flag Formats

All flags or commands have the same format. They always begin with a < and end in >. The tag (flag or command) goes inside these symbols.

<b>I'm learning HTML!</b> gives you I'm learning HTML!

<b> Is the beginning flag that makes your text bold, </b> ends your command, and your text or object that is affected(usually called tags) goes inside.

Here are a few more text commands you can use.
<t>Italic</i>=  Italic
<u>Underlined</u>=  Underlined
<tt>Typewriter</tt>=  Typewriter

You can also use more then 1 command, but always make sure you set the beginning and end tags at the same time, always placing them on the farthest end of the item being affected.

<b><i>Italic</i></b>=  Italic and Bold

Flag What It Does
<hr> This command gives you a line across the page. (hr stands for Horizontal Reference.) The line right above the words "Single Flags" was made using an <hr> flag.
<br> This breaks the text and starts it again on the next line. Remember you saved your document as TEXT so where you hit ENTER to jump to the next line was not saved. In an HTML document, you need to denote where you want every carriage return with a <br>.
<p> This stands for paragraph. It does the exact same thing as <br> above except this flag skips a line. br just jumps to the next line, p skips a line before starting the text again.

HTML Structure

Now, here is the part where you'll begin to create your first page! Below is the bare bones for every HTML page.

<title>Your Website Title</title>

You site content goes here.


Tells the computer that the file is an HTML file.
The heading area of a the page. The space between these two tags is used for special commands that does not have any connection to the actual formatting of the page.
Give your page a title with this command.
Found after the <html> tag and is used to define the area of the file which formats the way the web page is seen.

Now add some of the text commands that you learned earlier in this tutorial, where it says "You site content goes here." You'll need to open up your HTML editor to do so. You'll need to copy and paste the html structure above. Feel free to experiment with what you've learned.



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