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Introduction to html and what you need to get started.

What is HTML?

HTML, Hypertext Mark-up Language, is the language of the World Wide Web. In essence, it is the language which is used to create pages for the world to view. Technically, HTML isn't a language, it's just plain English. (You will see what I mean by this later on.) If you truly want to understand web pages well, a basic understanding of HTML is necessary.

The nice thing about HTML, is that it can be viewed and created on a Windows, Macintosh, Linux, or any other operating system. However, some computers and internet browsers may interpret certain tags differently. I will explain what tags are in the next lesson.

What do I need?

You'd be surprised; you probably already have all the tools that you will need. All you really need is a basic text editor, like Notepad, or WordPad programs. I prefer that you don't use a word processor, like Microsoft Word, or Works, as you will most likely run into many problems down the road, but what you choose, is up to you.

Some may say you should use an assistant program, like Dreamweaver, because it does alot of the work for you. However, you hardly learn anything doing it this way. You should start out doing it all yourself.

I'm also assuming that you have some computer knowledge, as you probably wouldn't even be at this page or want to learn this if you didn't. You will also be using your web browser, like Internet Explorer, or Netscape Navigator, to view pages that you've created with these tutorials.


All HTML files are text files. Please note that they don't include pictures in the actual coding of the page.

Saving your files

When you are saving any HTML document, make sure you DO NOT save it as a .txt file. You will need to go SAVE AS, or SAVE FILE AS. Don't just go to save, as it will then be in a .txt file format. Now, in the Save as type field, select All Files. In the file name field, type in the file name that you'd wish to save it as. Make sure you don't place any spaces in your file name! It is also best to use all lower case letters, so your visitors won't have to remember which letter(s) were capital or lower case. Now add the extension .htm or .html It really doesn't matter which you use at this point. But choose one and stick with it for all your pages in your site.

Opening a HTML File

Now that you know how to save an HTML file, you need to know how to open them too.

If you'd like to open an HTML file to make changes to it, just right click on the file, then go to Open with, and lastly, select Notepad or whatever program you would like to edit it with. You can now edit away. Now if you'd just like to view the page in your browser, just double-click on your HTML file.



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