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Tutorials > CSS > Line Height


Set the distance between lines with the line-height property.

With CSS, the height of a text line can be changed using the line-height property.

Start off by placing the following code in the head section of you page.(between <head> and </head>)

<style type="text/css">
line-height: 16pt


To use the style, place the following wherever you would like to use it.

text goes here

In action:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nulla rhoncus. Fusce in sapien in pede blandit euismod. Integer tincidunt tortor quis turpis. Vestibulum scelerisque felis non justo. Sed leo magna, lacinia in, mollis vel, egestas non, dui. Nullam tempus sem quis mi. Cras ac tellus et ligula porta commodo.

Notice that the height between lines are larger above. The line height can also be smaller than the size of the font, however, this makes the text hard to read because the text will overlap each other.

Possible Values
Other values besides pt can be used.

number- Sets a number that will be multiplied with the current font-size to set the distance between the lines. (ex. 12.1)
%- Sets a distance between the lines in % of the current font size (ex. 120%)



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