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Tutorials > CSS > Fixed Background


Learn how to add a backgroud image that doesn't move as a page is scrolled.

This short tutorial will show you how use a fixed background image. With a fixed background, the background image doesn't move as the page is scrolled.

Place the following code in the head section of you page.(between <head> and </head>)

<style type="text/css">

background-image- Sets the image to be used for the background
backgroud-repeat- Sets the behavior of the background. To repeat the background as needed, change no-repeat to repeat.
background-attachment- Sets whether a background image is fixed or scrolls with the rest of the page.

The background image can also be positioned on the page by using the background-position property.

background-position: center

Other values besides center can be used with background-position.

top right, center left, bottom center, etc.
x% y%- Sets the relative postion of the image. The first value is the horizontal position and the second value is the vertical.
x-pos y-pos- Set the position using pixels. (ex. 200px 300px) The first value is the horizontal position and the second value is the vertical.



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