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Techniques to establish PageRank in order to optimize your site for search engines.

Yesterday you should have read the third course out of 6 courses that will help you get a TOP rank in the search engines and get EXPLOSIVE LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC for Free. Today we move on to course #4 and study off-page Optimization. Please read today's course very carefully and take some time to test what I'm about to tell you on your own webpage. Alright let’s start!

Off-page Optimization

Unfortunately optimizing your WebPages is not enough; the search engines have developed a "system" where the ranking of a website is determined by its "Link Popularity". This system was first developed by Google and now many other search engines like yahoo search and msn are doing the same. So to get a top page ranking you must get as many websites linking to you as possible. Before I tell you how to increase your link popularity I have to tell you about the other major factors in off-page optimization.

1) Anchor Text: This is the text that is hyperlinked to send people to your website. Anchor text MUST contain a few of your main keywords because google uses it to determine your websites relevance to a particular topic.

2) The website that links to you: If the website that links to you is related to your site then that’s a huge bonus to you. So look for websites that are related to your website's topic.

You now know that it's vital that you use an anchor text that includes your main keywords. For example if you remember from day2, the title that I chose was "Yo Mama Joke | Blonde Joke Online". Now a good anchor text that can include my main keywords would be that title! You also should know that in order to get a good ranking you must seek out websites that are closely related to your own website and get them to link to you.

To get your website on "its feet" you can start by submitting your website to popular directories. These directories are free but you can always pay for a guaranteed placement ($$). Now I have here some links that should be more than enough to get you started.
This website has links to hundreds of Search engine friendly free directories that you can add you link to. Beside each directory you can see the PR, this is very useful. (PR 9!) YOU MUST submit your site to the Open Directory Project. (PR 8!) YOU MUST submit your site to Zeal, by being in their directory you will be indexed by LookSmart.

Now the next step is to look for link partners. I can't stress this enough, you have to find partners with websites related to your own website. What I have here are four link-exchange directories that you can sign up to and start exchanging links with people. These are great and will get you hundreds of sites that may link to you. I suggest you install a link directory script on your website and add all the websites that you want to exchange links with. After adding their link just send them an email and approach them professionally. You can use an email like this:
Hello my name is Ahmed Omran. I am seeking out possible link partners that our visitors would be interesting in visiting. I've found your website to be a very good fit for our visitors. I have already gone ahead and added your link to our links page at:

I am contacting you to see if it is ok to have done so. Also, I would like to ask if you mind linking back to us. If so, please use the linking details below and send me the location of our link on your website.

Here are our linking details:

We've got several PR6 and 7 websites, so we expect this site to become at least a PR5 within 1 month and will eventually become a 6 or 7 in 2-3 months.

I hope this can be a way for us to benefit our visitors with excellent content. Hope to hear from you soon.

Ahmed Omran

Alright here are some great link exchange services:

You need to work hard during this process because getting many links is not an easy task but its well worth it! That's it for today.

Tomorrow I will teach you how to analyze the Top Ranked Website on Google to outrank them! This will be an exciting day for you I promise (Every day is exciting)!

If you would like to contact me anytime and either complain (why would you!) or give me your testimonial then feel free to do so anytime. I'm there if you need any more help also.

About the Author
Ahmed Omran is an experienced webmaster and marketer who owns Virtual Design - custom Webdesign and Home Based Business Revo.



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