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Webmaster Articles > The Case for Minimalist Web Page Design


See why minimalist web page design still wins big over fancy, flashy, confusing design.

With the increased affordability of web space and bandwidth, the growing use of high speed modems, and the abundance of implementation technologies like Flash, audio and video, comes the temptation to overuse them in web page design.

One important characteristic that has always differentiated good web designers from bad ones is the restrain in embracing every new technology that comes along. Good designers focus first on functionality (making sure that the web page achieves the objectives for which it was created) while bad designers rush to make gratuitous use of elements like graphics, flash animations and javascript, just "because they can" or because "it looks cool".

Today, approximately ten years after the Internet started its exponential growth, and in spite all the technological developments, minimalist web page design still wins big over fancy, flashy, confusing design.

"Minimalism" is an term coined in the art and literature circles to describe a movement towards extreme simplification of form and color. Extrapolating the concept to web pages, it refers to layout, color scheme and other presentation aspects, to which the usability dimension has been added.

Minimalism is functionality and esthetics working together. In web design, minimalism involves removing all unnecesary frills, focusing on the user, and creating an interface that is at the same time pleasant to the eye, easy to navigate, intuitive, and effective in helping the user achieve his goals quickly and effortlessly.

Minimalism applies to many aspects of web design. For example:

By now you may already have a good idea of what we're talking about. To illustrate it, we would like to conclude by presenting a random list of links to pages that we like, which have been designed with a minimalist web design approach:

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