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Off-site Optimization

1. Register a domain that contains the exact keyword/key-phrase that you wish to optimize and separate these keywords with hyphens. Remember, it does not matter if this domain is long because visitors will be clicking over from the search engine to your site, not typing out the URL. For instance, if our website sells web marketing consulting services and we wish to optimize the key-phrase web marketing consulting we may choose a domain such as:

2. Be sure to include text links to every page on your site with the page names displaying the keywords that you are optimizing. Many sites bury the page links within images and the crawler cannot read these. By including text links to each page you can overcome this problem. As far as the names of your pages, include the keywords within the page names. For instance:

3. Each page should have a keyword/key-phrase density of 3-10%. Be aware that if you go much higher than this your pages can be red flagged as “over optimized” and may be punished by the search engines. Also, be sure to include the keyword/key-phrase within the title portion of each page the upper left most corner of the browser window.

4. Include a resources section within this info site that provides articles and links to other relevant sites that you have traded links with they should have a Page Rank of at least 4. Write as many articles as possible and include them on this page along with a brief bio and a link to your website. The remainder of the articles should come from other credible resources within your industry.

5. Include a graphical link on every page that links over to your main site. For instance, going back to our web marketing consulting business: If our company name is XYZ Web Marketing, we would include a link on every page that states “We recommend XYZ Company for all of your Web Marketing needs”. Somewhat like a sole advertisement for your business contained within this “info site”.

6. Continue building your Resources page until it is packed with articles and quality links. I recommend having over 100 high quality links and at least 35 articles directly related to your industry.

7. After and only after you have fully completed these steps should you submit your website to the search engines.

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